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Funtopia Challenges

Funtopia is launching a new program which celebrates positive challenges:
 The program is aimed at appreciating, celebrating and sharing your own accomplishments! Every season, new challenges will empower you in physical, educational and social abilities while having a lots of fun. It is what we at Funtopia call,  entertainment with purpose. 

Season 3 is On! To participate, all you have to do is get your SCORE CARD at Funtopia Glenview and start the tasks listed. You can do it your own way at any time and any order you want! 

For every challenge fulfilled you automatically enter a draw for an accomplishment prize. These include T-shirts, free visits, free pizzas etc..  If you complete all challenges of the season you will enter a draw for the big prize! For the current season, the big prize is a BIRTHDAY PARTY for 10 guests! Grab you your ACTION CARD at the front desk or click the image on the right to pre-print it at home and start your adventure today!