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Get Active: Adventurous Day Camp Options for Chicago Kids

Every year, Chicago parents look for day camp options that let their children cut loose, develop skills, and improve fitness. Fortunately, Chicago is the perfect place to find a daily destination for your child during the summer months.

  • Connect them with nature at Chicago Parks.
  • Get your child up, active, and moving at Funtopia.
  • Combine exercise and play at Chicago YMCAs.
  • Build your kids’ skills at a sports camp.

Chicago offers a range of day camp choices, with options for all interests and activities.

1. Sun, Fun, and Environmental Engagement at Chicago Park’s Day Camp

Summertime doesn’t have to stop kids from learning and developing. Chicago Park District offers a day camp that’s full of art, sports, fitness, and outdoor activities while helping your child learn how ecological responsibility, outdoor fun, and good citizenship go hand-in-hand.

During their time at the Park District day camp, kids learn about civic engagement, environmental awareness, inclusion, collaboration, and other essentials for co-existing and thriving in a sustainable modern world.

What to Know

The Chicago Park District camp is a six-week course running from late June to early August, with most camps operating six hours a day from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. Times vary by park, so check the park that interests you for specifics.

Age might be a consideration as well. The program was designed for kids ages six to twelve, so children outside of that age range might be better suited for a different, more age-appropriate venue.

2. Get Your Kids Up, Active, and Moving at Funtopia’s Day Camp!

It’s no secret that regular movement is critical to child development; it’s been part of medical doctrine for generations. Children who get at least an hour of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily have been shown to enjoy benefits like lower body fat, improved cognition, and stronger bones and muscles.

That need to get your child out of their chair and moving for their health is why Funtopia has developed a day camp program at both their Glenview and Naperville locations. Funtopia is dedicated to movement, and that can make it an ideal destination for your child this summer.

A World of Adventure and Movement

Funtopia’s camp program focuses on group activities, games, and above all, fun. The camp operates all summer daily, and it offers a blend of STEM/art activities; group activities and games; and, of course, lots of climbing, caving, and adventuring.

Funtopia serves lunch onsite, but kids can bring their own lunch and snacks from home. Sign up ahead of time, or bring your child to Funtopia just for a day or two when needed — daily drop-ins are welcome.

3. Combine Exercise and Play at Chicago YMCA’s Day Camp

Every child is different, and each one has their own learning methods, likes, and dislikes. It’s a fact of life, and it can make a camp program with a variety of options and activities a smart choice for Chicago parents.

That’s the foundation of Chicagoland YMCA’s camps and day programs. The Y’s variety and range of choices help it stand out among Illinois day camps. There’s something for almost every child’s interest, with a belief in the power of play as an overarching theme.

A Popular Option

YMCA staff are well-trained and experienced in water safety, CPR, first aid, and other essentials to give your kids a full day of play and personal growth under expert supervision. And the program is available for kids of all ages, including toddlers.

The YMCA is well-known among day camps in Illinois, so spots can go fast, and camp space can be limited. Contact your local Y for specifics on their hours and cost.

4. Develop Your Child’s Skills at Canlan Sports

Does your kid love hockey? Do they have posters of their favorite pro athletes on the wall and want to be the next star player for the Blackhawks when they grow up?

If your child is a hockey fan and wants to get closer to the action, a sports camp program with Canlan Sports could be an ideal fit for their needs. Canlan Sports has youth hockey day camps and skating programs designed to bring out the athlete in your child and show them the ropes in an engaging, exciting environment.

Your kid can get instruction on the basics and learn advanced tactics and training to give them a competitive edge, all under the direction of experienced coaches. And children who are just getting started might be right for Canlan’s summer skating clinics to give them a solid foundation for. 

What to Consider Before Signing Up

Canlan offers a range of classes that run all summer; contact them to get details on class types. Cost can be a consideration for this camp, which can run as high as $83/day for one-day courses, so be sure to review pricing ahead of time.

Looking for a Day Camp This Summer? Connect with Funtopia!

At Funtopia, we’re your partner in childhood development and movement for a lifetime of health.

Our day camp programs are designed to keep your kids engaged, active, and learning, while keeping cost within reach.

Contact Funtopia in Glenview or Naperville to learn more about our daily camp programs!

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