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A Parent’s Guide to Kids’ Birthday Party Places in Glenview

Kids' birthday party places near me Glenview

Parents face a dilemma at least once a year — your child has a birthday party coming up, and you want to make it a special event for them that they’ll remember forever. That means finding a venue for your kid’s party or your next event with fun activities all the kids can enjoy, suitable for children of all ages.

Fortunately for you and your children, Chicago, IL, is one of the best cities for a kids birthday parties. From Highland Park to Buffalo Grove to Glenview, Illinois, and all points in between, Chicago is filled with locations like Funtopia that are designed to be the perfect place to throw boys and girls a great birthday party and act as a safe, responsible party host for your child and their friends.

You want your kid to have a blast at their next birthday party venue, and we do too. We’re looking at some of the most popular kid’s birthday party places in and near Glenview, Illinois, and how they compare to the amazing open play and fun activities at Funtopia.


When considering where to hold a kid’s birthday party in Chicago, IL, Funtopia should be one of the top picks. We specialize in fun activities and crafts that challenge kids and encourage them to get up, explore, and have a wonderful time!

In a city where parks and the gym might be crowded and not suitable as kid’s birthday party places, Funtopia stands out as a destination your birthday boy or girl can enjoy, no matter their age or preference. We celebrate movement of all kinds and create spaces where a child can climb, slide, and have adventures in an environment that focuses on child safety.

Our expert staff is always on hand to help keep your kid’s birthday party safe. Every kid receives thorough training in all our games and activities, and adults can rest easy knowing their birthday boy or girl is expanding their horizons while cutting loose on our fun walls, high-ropes course, caving system, jungle gym, and much more.

Funtopia wants to take care of everything for your kid’s birthday party, including food and drink from our full menu. From cake to pizza, our party room has the ingredients for a memory your child can celebrate and remember for years.Find out more for yourself today, and get ready to send invitations to one of the best kids’ birthday party places in town!

Hi-Five Sports Zone, Northbrook Court

As its name suggests, Hi-Five is an after-school and sports-oriented place for girls and boys who enjoy competitive games and like birthday parties in a gym environment, making it one of the top kid’s birthday party places. They offer kids sports programming and a spot for hoops, flag football, and other fun activities.

Hi-Five keeps its focus on sports and the gym, and they host clinics for NFL skills and basketball for older kids, along with Pre-K sports programs designed for younger ages. They also offer a birthday party package with access to a party room and various activities like soccer, floor hockey, and dodgeball.

Unlike Funtopia, Hi-Five’s kid’s birthday party setup doesn’t include onsite food or drinks like pizza, cake, and snacks — parents are provided with a list of preferred vendors they can use. The venue is a party host and provides paper goods and other event necessities.

Another consideration for parents is the question of inclusion for every guest at every age. Not all boys or girls are into sports, and a destination like Funtopia, which prioritizes fun movement and physical activities that all children of all ages can enjoy, might be better suited for a kids’ first birthday party venue that includes friends with a range of interests.

Ball Factory, Mount Prospect

Located just off the Northwest Hwy in Mount Prospect, Ball Factory centers its activities around toys in general and balls of all sizes in particular. Their theme is balls and games that include balls — for example, they feature ball cannons, ball pits, and other activities for guests ages 0 and up. It’s designed to be a place for Mom and Dad to bring young kids and let them play and enjoy food and drinks.

Unlike other kids’ birthday party places like Funtopia, which feature a range of games and engaging for children of all ages, Ball Factory caters to younger guests. Their focus is toddlers, and they offer a kids’ birthday party package designed to appeal to them. If your birthday child and party guests are of a broader range of ages and interests, you and the birthday boy or girl might prefer to celebrate their special day with us at Funtopia.

Pricing can also be a consideration when looking into Ball Factory versus Funtopia — our birthday parties can provide you with more time in our private room for your birthday child and their guests at a lower overall cost. We know that throwing birthday parties can stretch your patience and pocketbook, and we work hard to give your kids a great experience without breaking the bank.

Playroom Café, Mount Prospect

Some kids want a party far away from the gym or ball pit, and that’s where Playroom Café, one of the top kid’s birthday party places, comes in. This party spot makes the cafe as crucial to the birthday party experience as the play, with a full menu of quality dishes for Mom and Dad and games for kids and guests.

Adults sit and talk in the extensive cafe area while the party princesses or princes get a birthday package with custom décor and treats.

As with Ball Factory, parents should carefully consider cost when planning a party at Playroom Café. The starting price for party rental is more than four times that of a similar event at Funtopia (the deposit cost is more than an entire party with us!), so be sure to research expenses before making them your party host.

Funtopia Makes Your Kids’ Birthday Party a Happy One!

For more information on availability and scheduling, contact Funtopia today, and give your kids a lasting memory!

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