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Finding a Glenview Indoor Playground: What to Know

Best Glenview Indoor Playground IL Funtopia

Do you live in or around Illinois? If so, you will want to know about Funtopia, the Glenview indoor playground that’s all about exploration, celebration, and individual growth.

Funtopia Glenview’s Mission

Funtopia was founded to help kids and adults stay active and improve their physical and mental well-being. Studies have shown that regular daily exercise helps prevent dozens of diseases and health issues and helps decrease the effects of stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Our goal is to make moving fun! We achieve this mission by providing a safe, entertaining environment with dozens of exciting activities to challenge the mind and body while giving everyone a good time. 

Funtopia is more than a indoor playground near Glenview, IL. It is equipped to host parties, corporate events, and other social engagements of any size and style. Our attractions are great for team building. 

Our Indoor Playground Glenview Ill Facilities

Our facilities are bright, modern, and always inviting. We are committed to making every guest feel welcome and inspired. Our driving mission is to help kids develop healthy habits and learn how much fun it can be to interact with the world physically.

We accomplish our mission through dozens of activities like: 

●      High Ropes

●      Fun Walls

●      Caving Systems

●      Jungle Gyms

●      Giant Slides

All our activities are constantly monitored by expert staff to ensure the safety of our patrons. 

Our Glenview indoor playground is perfect for families looking for healthy activities.

A Glenview Indoor Playground is Perfect for Families Looking for Healthy Activities

In our modern, fast-paced world, many of our daily activities involve screens and sitting. Unfortunately, that does not allow us to move much or get the necessary exercise our bodies need. 

Our Glenview indoor playground aims to offer an alternative by challenging kids and adults with games and attractions that entertain, educate, and invigorate them. All our activities are highly interactive and physical to keep our customers engaged and coming back for more. 

Many families are becoming more active and want to teach their kids from a young age the abundant benefits of moving and staying active. We can help by feeding their excitement with climbing, walls, caves, slides, rope, jungle gyms and other fun activities.

Our goal is to help each person find the right activity for them.

What Our Glenview Indoor Playground Offers

Funtopia is proud of our commitment to physical activity and improving lives. Our Glenview indoor playground offers a variety of options based on our philosophy of making exercise fun. 

We operate based on these four ideals:

Making Physical Movement Fun – Our main priority is ensuring everyone is safe and has fun. We get kids of all ages moving through our dozens of activities. We also teach young ones that moving can be entertaining and fun, not just good for your health. 

Celebration – One of our favorite things is celebrating with our customers. We host many different types of parties. We are the birthday party destination in Glenview, Illinois. We have different party packages and can handle any event you want to host. Our activities are great for corporate team building and other company events. 

Bringing Adventure to You – Not everyone has access to outdoor activities. Even if you live in the city, our Glenview indoor playground can bring adventure to you. Experience all the same fun outdoor activities in our indoor playground.

Value – Funtopia wants to make moving and entertainment affordable to everyone, and our pricing reflects that. We know that your hard earned money is valuable and want to maximize the value you get when you visit our activity center. 

The Best Indoor Playground near Glenview IL

Funtopia is a full-service Glenview indoor playground that serves kids of all ages. We offer a healthy alternative to sedentary activities and, in the process, get you moving and having fun!

Some of the reasons families love visiting us are:

A Healthy Alternative

We offer a healthy alternative to movies and screens where everyone sits and watches entertainment. At Funtopia, you are part of the entertainment as you physically interact with the world and challenge yourself with games, competition, and fun attractions. In addition, we host birthday parties, corporate events, and other functions. 

Fun with a Twist

Our mission is all about a child’s healthy development, but with a twist; we also make exercise fun! We have designed enrichment programs that teach kids about the health benefits of staying active. 

Safety First

As much as we want everyone to have fun, explore, and grow, we also want to keep all our guests safe. So, everyone who enters our doors receives thorough training before trying any of our activities, and our highly trained staff monitors participants closely so no one gets hurt.

Team Building and Bringing Families Closer

Companies love hosting their team-building retreats at Funtopia. Everyone has a good time while challenging their own personal best and learning how to work together as a team to achieve more. 

Schedule a visit today to learn about all the fun you can have.

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